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King Edward VII Hospital

Visited May 2006 with The Riddlers and July 2007 with Rookinella and Hoolio

I think this hospital had only closed a week before our visit. There was a few cars in the car park and as this place was in the middle of no-where it was safe to say there were people working in there. Went round to the side of the building where builders had been building an extension. Not sure why as the hospital was no closed?
Entrance into the basement led into some labs. All the equipment still there just left. A few boxes had been packed up with chemicals in and some equipment had stickers or for either a auction or to be sent to another hospital.
Carried on walking round, there were no big wards only individual room all with ensuite bathrooms. The tv's in the rooms still worked!
Made our way to the front reception area everything still in place, computers, phones, notice boards. Found some diagnostic rooms which had x-ray machines in and a big catscan machine.

Walking through one of the corridors we could see through a window into a library. We had to climb through the window as the door was locked. This was probably a reference library for the doctors rather than for patients as all the books were medical related. There was a big crack up the wall and ceiling and water had got through and plants were growing through the windows which seemed strange as the rest of the hospital was in such good condition and the gardens were well looked after.

After the library we continued further down the corridor, we stopped as we heard footsteps and talking. There were people coming so we made a fast exit and called it a day. Should really go back to see what has happened to the building.

On returning with Hoolio and rookinella, there appeared to be no difference.
Once inside we quickly checked the areas that i had previously explored. All the machinery from the first visit had been removed. as progressed we found more areas hadnt been explored including a swimming pool that was used for hydrotherapy sessions.

Also more x-ray machines, that had not been removed but were labelled to stay here at the hospital.
e moved closer toward the main corridor of the building and could hear a tv on, it was where security were based, this didnt deter us, we just kept quiet and carried on exploring.

Eventually we made our way back out and went to the chapel, this was a seperate building, and also connected to the chapel was the mortuary, with one ceramic mortuary slab and one metal, in perfect condition also a 4 shelved body fridge.
A quick climb to the roof of the chapel tower and we left.

King Edward Equipment left behind View of King Edward Hospital

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