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Royal Observer Corps

Around the UK are 1563 Royal Observers Corps (ROC) monitoring posts.
Built in the 1950's at the start of the cold war these small underground concrete bunkers would be vital in reporting and monitoring a nuclear blast and its fall out and communicating to their HeadQuarter emergency plans could be actioned.
Many were closed in 1968 as the threat of nuclear war fell, with the remainder closing in 1991 and the Royal Observer Corps were disbanded.

Subbrit have visited and photographed each of these posts, but many reports are now out of date.
With modern development, vandals and decay many of the posts are disappearing and i hope to visit as many as possible.

Visited Posts

Bethersden, Bradfield, Brymbo, Clevedon, Compton, Crowborough, Edenbridge, Erwood, Llandindrod Wells, Horsham, New Radnor, Ombersley, Petworth, Singleton, Steyning

Bradfield (Berkshire): 1968-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: July 2007

The post is in an overgrown compund, the post is open and in good condition.
Inside remains a cupboard, chairs, bpi mount, BT receiver and various other items.

Bradfield ROC - interior Bradfield ROC - interiorBradfield ROC - telecoms equipmentbradfield ROC - looking up the shaft

Bethersden (Kent): 1962-1968. Condition: Blocked Shaft. Visited: July 2007

When Subbrit visited in 1997 the post was accessible but stripped inside. 10 years later the access shaft has been backfilled with dirt, the hatch has been pulled off and the enclosure is overgrown. Although all surface features remain.

Bethersden ROC - Compound fence and gate Bethersden ROC - Surface vents and GZI mountBethersden ROC - Blocked access hatch

Edenbridge (Kent): 1960-1968. Condition: Poor. Visited: December 2007

The enclosure of the post is overgrown, and lots of rubble scattered which has fallen from the Orlit post which stands inside the enclosure along with a telegraph pole as this was a master post.
The hatch is on top of the access shaft but is not attached and can be slid off.
The whole post is completely burnt out, the only feature left inside is the chemical toilet.

Edenbridge - ROC Post - Orlit post, telegraph pole and gated enclosure Edenbridge - ROC Post - access shaft and hatchEdenbridge -ROC Post - Burnt out interiorEdenbridge ROC Post Burnt out interior, facing the shaftEdenbridge - ROC Post - Chemical toiletEdenbridge - ROC Post - Looking up the shaft

Clevedon (Somerset): 1959-1991. Condition: Demolished. Visited: May 2009

The would have been under this large area of brambles. All that remains is a hinge from the gate of the enclosure and a pipe which could either from the BPI or from where water was pumped out the sump.

Clevedon ROC Post location ROC Clevedon remains of BPI connection or water drainage pipeROC Clevedon remains of enclosure gate hinge

Erwood (Breconshire): 1963-1991. Condition: Demolished. Visited: July 2007

Only the original gate and the telegraph that served the post remains. There are large lumps of concrete nearby that may be the post.

Gate and telegraph pole from ROC Erwood

Llandindrod Wells (Radnor): 1958-1991. Condition: Locked. Visited: May 2009

The appears to be in good condition on the surface. The two original battleship locks lay next to the hatch with two modern replacements on the hatch.

ROC Llandindrod Wells hatch ROC Llandindrod Wells surface featuresLlandindrod Wells hatch

New Radnor (Radnor): 1962-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: May 2009

The post is in good condition. But with few items remaining. The post has not been vandalised.

ROC New Radnor ROC New RadnorROC New Radnor

Crowborough (Sussex): 1960-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: June 2007

The post has the newer torlift hatch mechanism, the lock has been removed and the hatch opens freely.
Inside the post is in good condition with no vandlism although the post is messy. A cupboard, racking and some cleaning items remain.

Crowborough ROC Interior Crowborough ROC interior

Compton (Sussex): 1962-1968. Condition: Good. Visited: May 2007

The compund is heavily overgrown although all surface features remain, inside the post is in good condition with a few items remaining.

Bunk beds remaining desk

Horsham (Sussex): 1961-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: May 2007

In very good condition with table, cupboard and shelving remaining, along with various cleaning items. Marked in a polysterene tile is '26 Post No.2 Group'.

Post and group number inscribed in wall furniture and cleaning items

Petworth (Sussex): 1966-1968. Condition : Good. Visited: May 2007

The post is completely stripped except for the cupboard. The post is in good condition and free from graffiti.

standard cupboard is all that remains Looking up the shaft

Singleton (Sussex): 1961-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: May 2007

Post was locked when Subbrit visited. The post is now open and in good condition.
Green plating surrounds the hatch, maybe to reinforce it because of cracks.
Inside remains a cupboard table, weather chart and BT junction box for the teletalk.

ROC Singleton cupboard surface featuresBT junction box for teletalkweather chart

Steyning (Sussex): 1959-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: May 2007

All surface features remain intact. Inside the post is in good condition. With jerry cans, light timer switch, BPI mount, "government" issue toilet roll and soap stamped with ER on it.

Remaining articles Water gerry cansOriginal, government issue soap

Ombersley (Worcestershire): 1961-1991. Condition: Locked. Visited: June 2010

The post is locked and the compound heavily overgrown.

ROC Ombersley compound ROC Ombersley post number and grill used as fence

Brymbo (Denbighshire): 1960-1991. Condition: Good. Visited: March 2007

Code Information for Weather patterns Surface StructuresThe ladder to the surface hatch

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